Oster Convection Oven with Dedicated Pizza Drawer TSSTTVPZDS Review

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Every kitchen enthusiast has a handful of equipment they can rely on for cooking unique dishes, the kind of recipes that your guests appreciate, and will be singing praises the whole week. It is the dream of everyone to own a convenient state of the art devices to complement their cooking skills.

As an individual that takes pride in cooking, there are not many devices you know that perfectly blends a compact design for your limited kitchen space, user-friendliness, and, the best of all, convenience.

A toaster oven with pizza drawer can be pretty much what we are talking about. For pizza lovers and others that love cooking and baking, the Oster Convection Oven may sound like just a dream.  But what else do we love about this oven?

Top of the Range Features for Baking and Cooking

oster oven witth drawer

Baking can never be as fun as using the Oster digital toaster oven. For starters, the toaster boasts a top of the range heating technology that makes baking to be as easy as it can get. The turbo convention feature circulates hot air in the oven easier so that the food cooks evenly and sufficiently – it is such a blessing to have around.

The days of having your friends make fun of your uncooked food are over. The adjustable cooking settings and heat give you optimal control of your cooking. You will also find broil control, where you can broil the vegetables as the menu instructions, easier.

And if you are a fan of toasted foods, then you have the perfect equipment. You can comfortably toast a chicken, meatloaf, and turkey parts for dinner.

Stylish and Compact

Another excellent feature that you will love includes a compact and stylish design. The stainless steel exterior is something that your guests will adore and envy you for. The metallic look makes it easier to clean.

However, the most exciting thing is how it looks in your kitchen. It’s just gorgeous. It has a certain appeal that you are just glad it is there.

Safety Features

The oven has some of the best features that ensure your safety and that of the others. You can never be too careful especially with children around. You know how curious they can be. As such, the oven has cool to touch handles.

You no longer have to worry about touching a hot surface when cooking. It also has 60-minute shut off timer that produces sound and shuts off. A helpful feature for those fond of forgetting things as it shuts off when not on use.

Pizza Drawer

Some of us spend too much money ordering pizza. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it is much fun having to make your own pizza. Imagine the much that you can eat and the spices that you can add. The oven gives you that flexibility.

The pizza oven drawer is such a winner and a feature that we adore. Don’t worry it is not a small compartment. It can fit a whole 12-inch pizza – the fun of it!

That means you can invite a few of your buddies over and have enough to go around. It has the perfect temperature calibration that you will not need to worry about your pizza burning. What a way to impress your friends with your cooking skills? But that is what we refer to as a convenience, don’t you agree?

Convection Technology

Most of the ovens on the market use conduction technology. The shortcomings of conduction technology include uneven cooking, baking, and heating. Your food may have uncooked sections, which place doubts on your cooking skills.

However, with convection technology, you are assured that the food will cook properly. The distribution of heat is just perfect. An additional perk is that heating is fast and you don’t have to wait for too long to have your pizza after a long day at work.

You see, convection technology utilizes a fan to ensure adequate distribution of heat across the cooking space. That means the heated air reaches every corner of the oven sufficiently and at the same time making it faster and more efficient than conduction technology.

If you think about it, the device is perfect for baking cupcakes and simmering that steak you have so much. That is what an ideal weekend is all about.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The convention toaster comes with everything that you would expect as a kitchen enthusiast. It has a broil rack and a baking pan. That means you can start trying out the new menus you got from a friend or TV program.

The rack and pan are both easy to use and easy to clean. Even better, the toaster features three knobs for easier customization.

The controls are not hard to learn, and you will not need to cook with a manual on your hands. Novices can as well learn to cook very quickly. The oven is quite user-friendly.

Unlike most of the modern cooking devices that come with a digital readout for easy control, this device does not have it, unfortunately. Well, you may call it old-fashioned, but it will last. Something that you may not say regarding the digital readouts that short out after some time.

As such, what looks like a shortcoming is actually a blessing in disguise – yes we mean it!

Large Capacity

Many people believe that toaster ovens are small and only appropriate for those people that live alone, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The oven is big enough to cook for a small family. Its interior is 15.81 cubic inches, enough to host several of your friends or relatives.


The kitchen equipment is quite versatile. That means you can do a variety of cooking meaning you can try out different dishes and even become a little creative. Cooking is an art that develops over time, and all you need is practice and patience.

Rome was never built within a day. However, the pizza oven is a great template where you can try out a variety of dishes and snacks, and become an expert cook. There are a few settings that make it versatile including broiling, baking, and cooking.

Other pizza ovens may not be as versatile. They may be exclusively pizza makers, and anything larger would not fit, such as a whole chicken.

Easy to Clean

Most of us do not fancy the idea of having to scrub and clean the equipment now and then. Stubborn stains are especially real pain. However, the oven is pretty easy to clean. The non-stick rack makes the removal of stains from different foods you have been cooking, an effortless task.

Their shiny outside surface makes it even better. You only need a damp cloth to wipe the surface clean, and you are good to go.


You would think that such a state of the art device would be expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. It sets you back a few dollars, but it’s less than 100 bucks. Yes, we are not kidding you.

But does that mean it is not the best regarding quality? Well, not quite. Just because it is inexpensive does not mean that it will not last, and the brand gives you better clues.

Oster is one brand that has gradually made a name for themselves in the kitchen equipment industry. They have expertise in the field, and their equipment is worth every bit of investment.

Their range of toaster ovens share some of the best features you will find. You can, therefore, understand why the majority of users love it.

How long does it take to warm up pizza in a toaster oven?

It takes between two and five minutes.

oster pizza oven

The oven is an excellent device for those that love baking. However, some of the users say that the oven may cook unevenly. The heat comes from the top section of the drawer, thereby cooking the top part of the cake first.

The crust may not receive enough heat, and some sections remain uncooked. But this may be a flaw for some of the ovens, not all of them.

The capacity of about 16 cubic inches is not too bad for most of the cooking. However, this can prove considerably small for some types of cooking especially when you have a large family.

Most of the ovens and microwaves come with an interior light that makes visibility better. However, this Oster oven does not have any light, and you will need to depend on your kitchen lighting to check the food.

Final Verdict

Given the features that the oven boasts, it is an excellent acquisition for anyone. It will cook, broil, and bake conveniently. It is one compact device that will fit perfectly in your kitchen no matter the size.

The oven is quite affordable. Let’s put it this way instead; it is a bargain, a real gem to have in your kitchen. If you lead a busy lifestyle, then you will find this device to be such a blessing.

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