Best Oven Toaster 2018 Review Recommendation and Perfect Buying Guide

It is a complete buying guide to select the best oven toaster for your kitchen. Many people searching, “How to select perfect toaster ovens for home application“?

Your search is complete here. In this page, you will get best oven toaster brands and its products. We also explore, how to select the best toaster and its functionality. So, check this guide to view the top oven toasters in the world.

Oven Toaster is an energy-efficient device and perfect alternative to the traditional oven.

It is a combination of pre-programmed timers and heating circuit, which reduces your lots of time.

For more detail comparison check Breville smart oven bov800xl best price, pros and cons.

How to Choose The Best Oven Toaster.

Top performers in our review are chosen based on various criteria. First, we go through how to choose the best oven toaster and then identify which are the best toaster. Similarly, check our top smart oven toaster review.

What did We Expect from Oven Toaster?

For home users, preferred small conventional oven on your countertop ovens. It cooks meat faster and uses very less energy. So, it is an energy-efficient device oven toaster.

A regular oven can take up to 30 minutes to reach 350 degrees temperature, whereas some of the oven toasters took less than five minutes to generate the same heat.

We always looking for convenient, budget-friendly toaster ovens, which can replace commercial ovens at our price.

Apart from this, we expected that the best toaster oven is easy to use and maintain. It requires the ability to hold large portions of food and offer cooking functions with safe designs.

Normally, the average life of oven toaster is five year.

Size, Design, Safety, Methods and Cost

Each and every oven toaster brand have different types of oven size. It comes in various colour and functionality. So, you have a large range of selection. But, ultimately our motto is select best oven toaster which can fit in your kitchen and produce yummy food with the least energy.


The size of oven toaster is always mattered. Thus it is one of the determining factors. Suppose you are not able to cook a chicken in Christmas party, then what is the use of your oven.

So, select carefully the best size oven toaster based on your need and kitchen structure.

Toaster always emits high heat. So, try to avoid placing it under cupboards.


Select automatic oven toaster having the ability to adjust the temperature. It comes in a variety of design with different rack sizes.

The best toaster ovens have an adjustment tab that automatically manages the temperature and timer based on food. So, just set a timer and enjoy your favourite food.


Different oven toaster applies different cooking methods. For example, conventional oven toaster uses heating elements and prepare the food from the outside. It has a convection blower that circulates the heat and heats your food more evenly.

Some oven toaster uses a different mechanism like “infrared technology”. It passes infra rays and cooks your food more quickly.


The ovens toaster safety and usability are always an important factor while selecting the best oven toaster for home use. For easy cleanup, we preferred a nonstick oven toaster. Similar, the material of oven is decided how hot the outside of the system makes.

So, if you choose nonstick materials, then it is possible that your system becomes too hot.


The most important factor which varies your selection is the cost. Oven toaster came in different of ranges. It includes $30 to $350.

In this review, we are exploring conventional oven toaster, infrared oven toaster and countertop oven toaster.

The Most Important Selection Factors: Performance and Design.

Performance and design are one of the most important factors in the selection of the best oven toaster. Accuracy and performance determine which oven toaster is the best. Design also an important, because it indicates the capacity of your toaster.

Higher capacity means you can cook extra meals at once. It also indicates the speed of the heating element and bakes point.


The performance of oven toaster is based on accuracy in the high-performance score. It is calculated based on heating time.

How to calculate?

Heat oven toaster up to 350 degrees and calculate time require to reaching 350 degrees. Same time set internal temperature and check whether it matches to the desired one.

Every oven toaster has some variation in their heating point. If you get the exact matching internal temperature that means your oven toaster is accurate and it is one of the best accurate oven toasters. Track the variation and select the best one for you.

The Performance also varies on cooking variety. Heating point and the heating area is changed based on food quality and food types. The bread slice heating area is different compared to chicken.

So, try to cook various food and analyse oven toaster performance based on cooking variety. If you get even toast shade, then it is the best performance based oven toaster.


The capacity of a toaster oven is depended upon the design of oven toaster. The oven toaster comes with the size of four or six bread slices room. Larger the size more is the capacity.

Large size oven toaster can handle 6 slices of bread or standard medium pizza. Similarly, smaller oven toaster can cook 4 bread slices or standard small pizza.

In the specification, size is defined in Length *Width *Height format. If you buy a larger oven toaster with two racks then you can cook 2 standard medium pizza at a time.

Other Important Criteria in Oven Toaster Buying Guide.

Safety and convenience are other important parameters in the oven toaster. Here, we explore some of the safety and convenience parameters to identify best oven toaster.

If your children are operating oven toaster, then these safety features become most important.

Following are three important safety measures distinguish normal oven toaster and best oven toaster for kids.

  1. Automatic shut-off.
  2. Automatic rack ejection.
  3. Heat preserving capacity.

Safety- How To Select Best Oven Toaster Safety Point of View?

Not all oven toaster have automatic shut-off or rack rejection functionality. Rack rejection ability helps to prevent burned your finger. Due to automatic rack rejection features, it will keep safe your hand from a hot area.

So, do not need to touch hot oven toaster to check whether it is heated or not. But unfortunately, this functionality is not available in all oven toaster.

Heat preserving capacity of oven toaster is also important. The exterior temperature of a few countertop oven toaster is more than 200 degrees. The best oven toaster is which have cooler external temperatures.

Is Automatic Shut-Off Oven Toaster Important?

Normally, timer indicates a signal that baking is done. But, the timer does not turn off oven toaster automatically. If you forget to shut down oven toaster even after timer signal, then you waste lots of electricity. It also creates a chance to burn a system. In such a situation, Automatic Shut-Off Oven Toaster features play important roles.

Automatic Shut-Off disconnects your system from electricity after a specific time. So, If you forget to shut down oven toaster it will automatically shut down.

Thus, safety point of view it is effective features. In your absence, oven toaster no longer running. It is helpful when your kids using oven toaster.

Some of the models do not timer facility. But, it consists of a preset function.


After oven toaster safety features, conveniences are a second important factor. Following are conveniences features makes oven toaster more user-friendly.

  • Preset Button.
  • Built-in timers.
  • Adjustable racks.
  • Nonstick interiors.

To be frank, latest oven toaster is easy to use. But still, here we compare some of the usability features that will make oven toaster to the best oven toaster 2018.

As a number of features increases, it makes oven toaster more versatile.

The combination of adjustable racks, built in timer and preset button creates the best OTG 2018.

The Nonstick Oven Toaster vs Stainless Steel Oven Toaster.

As we know, the nonstick material is easy to clean. But, it generates lots of heat. It developed with Teflon, so there is a chance of overheating. Sometimes, it produces harmful chemicals.
But as cleaning point of view nonstick oven toaster is always better. It is very simple and you can clean it using just wet cloth.

Countertop Oven Toaster.

The temperature of ovens toaster is controlled with remote setting or dial pad. But, few oven toasters like “Panasonic FlashXpress With 2X Infrared Heating” uses preset buttons. It consists of a digital timer which automatically calculates cooking time. Once a temperature reach cooking time reminder beep will be started.

Another popular feature is the convection fan. It helps to circulate temperature and distribute temperature evenly. That’s why the countertop oven toaster is the most famous commercial oven toaster.

Best Oven Toaster Recommendation

#Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Toaster.

Breville BOV845BSS

The Breville smart oven Toaster Pro available with Element IQ feature. It is a countertop oven toaster that bakes the pizza, cookies and roasts succulent meat. Total weight of oven toaster is 22.8 pounds. The convection setting minimizes cooking time and saves your 30% time. Element IQ – 5 helps to cook any food evenly.

It is a completely automated system, thus it is called as “smart oven toaster”. The automated system circulates right temperature at right time.

Following are some best features make it special.

Interior oven light:

Food is always visible to you.

10 pre-set cooking functions:

It is used for almost all baking food like toast slices, pizza, cookies, broil, bagel, bake, roast, reheat, Warm, slow cook.


6-slice It is the best oven toaster for 6 slice toast. You can bake 13″ pizza at a time.

Convection powered:

It is a user-friendly device, which has an inbuilt fan to circulates heat within the oven. The fan generates cold air outside the oven toaster.

Non-stick interior:

The Internal wall created with a non-stick material. Due to Non-stick material it very easy to clean.

Element IQ:

If your baking menu includes toast slices, pizza, cookies, broil, bagel, bake, roast, reheat, Warm and slow cook, then element IQ will manage automatic temperature.

The 1800 watt countertop oven toaster has an inbuild IQ level to adjust the temperature depends upon food.

Slow cook function:

Slow cook functionality keeps your food warm. You can cook for 10 hours using slow cook function. It cooks in low temperature and maintains the same favor over the time.

Latest Oven Toaster that Moves Toast to the Next Level.

Yes, it is not the cheapest oven toaster. But, it is the best quality oven toaster that makes your investment worth.

Above features makes Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven is the best oven toaster for kitchen use. It comes under best compact size oven toaster and best stainless steel oven toaster.

#Cuisinart CSO-300 Oven Toaster Review

Cuisinart CSO-300N Convection Steam Oven

If we speed something, then always expected some extra stuff and especially when cost is more than $100. The Cuisinart CSO-300 offer more than normal functions.

It includes Combo Steam + Convection Oven facility. Cuisinart convection oven toaster contains inbuilt water tank. More than convection oven toaster it offers some additional cooking settings.

You can cook rice, or steamed clams along with the roasted chicken. It is a luxurious oven toaster having little more cost than standard oven toaster. But, the quality point of view your money get worth.

Best Oven Toaster in Affordable Price.

While pricier models by and large offer more power and a speedier cook time, there are additionally some all around prepared (and more moderate) oven toaster to browse.

In case you’re worried about style and can extend your financial plan. It might be justified, despite all the trouble to spend too much on a stainless steel oven toaster.

A few purchases limit the determination in view of particular components. For example, a programmed stop or an effortlessly removable piece plate. But, as compared to the previous best oven toaster, these oven toaster comes at an affordable price.

#Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler.

Cuisinart TOB-40N

Its stainless steel front makes this Cuisinart toaster broiler a polished expansion to any kitchen counter.

An entire 1800 watts of energy is sufficient to sear and heat and to toast little things, for example, bagels and cuts of toast. Features incorporate rubber treated simply hold dials and a cool-touch handle that averts consumers.

On the off chance that you appreciate having full control over your sustenance, you’ll value this toaster stove’s shade control screens and flexible temperature settings for more exact outcomes. The inside non-stick covering can without much of a stretch be wiped clean when you’re finished cooking.


  • Customizable temperature.
  • Shade control.
  • 1800 watts.


  • Gets truly hot.
  • Little textual style around dials.
  • Entryway plate just slides out in specific positions.

#Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven

Oster Large Digital Countertop

You can fit a great deal of sustenance into this toaster ovens, making it a strong speculation for families and the individuals who need to cook bigger segments on the double.

There’s sufficient space inside to fit an entire solidified pizza, a whole chicken, ham, or a 13 x 9-inch dish. The six-cut toaster stove accompanies convection innovation for speedier and all the more notwithstanding cooking.

Clients welcome the basic control board in the front with choices, for example, toast, convection, sear, and defrost. An inside light gives you a decent take a gander at what’s inside.


  • Liberal inside space.
  • Convection innovation.
  • Inside light.


  • 9×13-inch dish with handles won’t fit.
  • Plate ought to be pivoted part of the way through to abstain from consuming sustenance.
  • No perceptible ready when it’s achieved fancied cooking temperature.
Best Oven Toaster 2018 Review Recommendation and Perfect Buying Guide
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