Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo Reviews and Buying Guide 2024

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Understandably, life gets busier sometimes, and the time spent in the kitchen reduces significantly. To keep up with the changing times, equipment that can multitask are now more desirable than ever, and that is where a microwave toaster oven comes in.

The best microwave toaster oven combo can cook and bake and heat the food when ready and cold. Think of delicious toasted bagels, slices of bread, and baked cookies early in the morning to start your day, and it’s all thanks to one kitchen equipment.

You don’t have to be a kitchen enthusiast to love the microwave toaster oven combo. Its ease of use, convenience, and multifunctionality is enough to get you excited. 

Our Pick of Top Rated Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Microwave toaster ovens are among the best gifts that the 21st century could give workaholics and foodies with a lot to do in a day. Most of them, like the Cuisinart microwave toaster oven combo, has various useful functions.

These include pre-programmed cooking settings to reduce the physical cooking work. Our reviews have some of the best you will find in the market based on various features.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Silver However, Breville BOV800XL easily stands out among the other microwave toaster oven combos based on various reasons. For starters, it is one of the smartest and an excellent fit for anyone.

The unit incorporates element IQ for versatility and performance. Breville reduces the cooking time by 30%, and together with a host of functionalities, time in the kitchen can finally be more fun. The cooking results are also outstanding, with an effective fan distributing the heat from quartz elements throughout.

The result is what you would expect from professional chefs in an exotic resort with minimal effort.

7 Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo Reviews

Most people in the toaster vs. toaster oven argument cannot decide which side they fall on. But a microwave toaster oven combines the best of the toaster and a toaster oven.

A microwave toaster works by circulating the air on the inside of the oven to heat food. This air circulation bakes, cooks, and roasts food much easier, and you can do something else with your hot and fresh plate of food.

Here is a discussion of some of the top microwave toaster oven combos to help you pick the right one.

Emerson Griller Microwave Oven

Emerson 1.2 CU. FT. 1100W Griller Microwave Oven with Touch Control, Stainless Steel, MWG9115SB

The black cabinet and the Emerson Griller Microwave Oven metal front add some timely aesthetic appeal in the kitchen. The subtle design in a black cabinet and brushed metal front adds functionality and style to the kitchen decor.

But apart from the impressive looks, this microwave oven has several winning features to deserve some space in your kitchen.


At 1100W, this microwave is not the most powerful out there, but its average in price point. The cooking space is primarily sufficient for most of us at 1.2-cubic-feet. No doubt the microwave oven has various cooking options, but the pure grill and the browner are worth a special mention.

Use the appropriate settings to achieve a unique microwave grilling experience that will keep your visitors talking about it for a long time.


The microwave is only 0.7 Cu. Ft., and will only need a small part of your kitchen cabinet or table. It may seem like its too small for the various tasks, but the appliance is efficient and functional.

It is ideal for everyone that needs access to the various cooking functionalities such as defrosting, cooking, and reheating in one device.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The microwave is stainless steel-constructed for durability and easier maintenance. You can easily clean the crumbs and other food materials after you are done with the cooking.

Easy to Use

With up to 9 pre-programmed recipe settings, a convenient grill function, and a removable turntable, cooking becomes much easier with Emerson. The design has the consumer in mind, and you couldn’t be happier in the kitchen.

The various buttons and functionality allow for culinary convenience.

Its digital clock and LED display, 99-second and 99-minute digital timer allow you to keep track of cook times conveniently. At the end of the cooking, the microwave produces an unmistakable signal to let you know the food is ready. This saves you from the embarrassment of overdone foods when you have friends over.


The mid-range microwave does more than your traditional microwave without being too overbearing.

Emerson black microwave comes with two combo power levels, 11 power levels, and weight and time defrost functionality. It has a light that goes on when you open the door or when it’s operating so that you can know what is happening inside with the meat or whatever’s cooking.

The appliance has a fan on the rear for the adequate circulation of air.

From roast chicken, beef, veggies, and frozen pizza, your favorite dishes are just a few punches of the buttons away.


The microwave toaster oven has a child-safe lock to keep the young kids from burns.

The device also allows safe experimentation of the various cooking options it has to give your friends a surprise.


  • Compact and good looking
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Intuitive design


  • The appliance is a bit heavy to move
  • Hot surface

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound On-Off, 1.2 Cu. ft, Black Stainless Steel

Toshiba is a brand that needs no introduction. They have been excellent in producing quality electronic appliances, and you can expect nothing short from this microwave oven.

Stylish Design

The modern, stylish design of the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven is something that catches the eye of everyone. The stainless steel exterior is something that adds a bit of flair and sophistication to the kitchen decor.

One thing you will definitely notice is its large size. That means the Toshiba microwave is going to claim a large chunk of your kitchen cabinet. But you can always look on the bright side.

You can roast a whole chicken without having to cut it in bits. Toshiba is roomy, and you don’t have to wait to prepare dinner for the entire family.

Easy to Use

The 1.2 Cubic Feet toaster oven doesn’t have a steep learning curve, and all the functionalities are not an uphill task to learn. The black stainless steel color looks quite good, but that is not all there is. Its surface is effortless to clean.

At 34.6 lbs, you cannot say the appliance is easy to move. But nothing prevents you from cleaning the surface it is on as it is not excessively heavy. You cannot compare it to some of the appliances you have.

It has an easy-to-read control panel and clear LED display, the sort you would expect from Toshiba, to make your time in the kitchen easier. The glass turntable also needs no explanation.

There is a buzzer that notifies you when the food is ready to prevent overcooking. Give the button “8” a long press to mute it. The buzzer automatically switches off after some time.

A large display with a clock function helps keep track of the cooking period. You can determine the time you have left and do something else in the meantime.


The 1100 watts microwave toaster oven comes with ten power levels for cooking versatility. It has a pre-programmed sensor menu to select appropriate cooking methods for various dishes such as potatoes, pizza, and veggies.

You can take up the option to program up to three power time combinations you use most to make your cooking task more manageable.

The microwave has easier defrost and popcorn settings. You can be doing something else as the popcorns get ready without so much effort or input from you.

Other features that most users love include the intelligent sensor. This feature takes the guesswork out of food preparation. But what does this feature do?

An inbuilt sensor detects the humidity level in the food you are cooking and uses it to automatically adjust the time and temperature for the best cooking results. It has a custom defrost function that you only need to input the weight of the food.

Alternatively, you can defrost foods that are only 1 pound in weight, and the oven automatically adjusts the temperature and time.


  • An appealing microwave toaster
  • An intelligent sensor that takes the work out of cooking
  • Large display with a clock function
  • Big and easy to grip the door handle


  • The microwave is big
  • The pre-programmed heat times may be too much

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Silver

Breville BOV800XL is one of the smartest convection ovens you can have in your kitchen. It uses element IQ for enhanced versatility and high performance.

The smart oven reduces your cooking time by a whopping 30%.Functionality

Breville has nine cooking functions to play around with. There’s roast, bagel, broil, bake, toast, pizza, reheat, cookies, and warm.

You can test your cooking skills and determine how many in your family are foodies with this oven. The toaster oven features smart algorithms and independent quartz elements for the best cooking results.

You become better in the kitchen and the time spent there reduces significantly. It also has a fast 1800 watt preheat functionality which gets your food ready faster. Sometimes you are too tired after a stressful 9 to 5 day, and the fast preheat functionality comes in handy.

You access the built-in smart functionality through an LCD display. It is here that you choose an option among the available nine. But that is not all that the display does.

The LCD lets you know when the food is ready and has an automatic cooking time countdown for the perfect results. An interior oven light automatically turns on when you open the door so that you can easily see your ready food.

Fast Cooking

The less time spent in the kitchen, the better. Most of us have a lot to do and do not fancy spending significant periods in the kitchen, which is where Breville comes in. This convection-powered oven reduces the cooking time by up to 30%.

Breville microwave toaster has an effective fan that circulates air inside the oven for quick and effective cooking. It sinks the colder air while raising the hotter air for faster heating. This makes you a better cook in the eyes of your friends and family.

But the microwave toaster oven also has slow cooking settings for foods that need time to cook. Some days you want complex flavors in your food for your people coming over later in the day.

The slow cook function uses minimal heat over a long period to tenderize and develop some unique tastes. The toaster oven can slow cook for up to ten hours before it automatically goes to warm.

The size of the convection oven is quite essential when you want to cook food faster. This microwave toaster is sufficient for a 13-inch pizza or six slices of bread. It is perfect, especially if you have an average-sized family.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The microwave toaster oven has a non-stick cavity coating for easier cleaning of the grease and food particles. Other accessories such as the pizza pan, baking pan, and broil rack will not give you a  hard time cleaning.


  • Reduces the cooking time significantly
  • Fast preheat functionality
  • Enough room for a 13-inch pizza
  • Slow cooking functionality


  • One of the more expensive units
  • Not a compact microwave oven

Panasonic Countertop with Inverter Technology and Genius Sensor Microwave Oven

Panasonic countertop microwave oven comes with several helpful cooking functionalities for anyone that fancies being in the kitchen and those that don’t. It is also safer to use than most of its peers in the market.


The 1.2 cubic foot microwave oven brings with it seamless power in cooking. The turbo defrosts and inverter technology delivers consistent and seamless power to ensure even cooking. As a result, your food develops a delicious flavor that you can always look forward to after a hard day at work.

It has an inbuilt Genius automatic sensor that adjusts the cooking time and temperature depending on the food. That means less input on the cooking of food and more time for other things. It has a delay start and quick minute timer, features that make it easier for you.

When you need to keep the gravies or desserts fresh and warm, the microwave has a keep warm feature. You can keep your favorite soup warm until it’s ready to serve.

The microwave energy from the inverter technology is ideal for sensitive food items. It allows them to simmer evenly, maintaining their food color, nutrients, and texture. The result is easy, delicious, and fast cooking.

Faster Food Preparation

The microwave oven features an advanced turbo defrost to speed up defrosting and at minimal power. It has 12 preset menus for quick input and food preparation. The microwave has automatic cook settings and one-touch reheat or cooks to reduce your work in food preparation.

You can use the one-touch functionality for turbo defrost, sensor reheat, popcorn, and keep warm. It incorporates dedicated settings such as oatmeal, soup, frozen entrees, pizza, and pasta. Other benefits include the quick minute timer that you can use to set the reheating and cooking times.


Most of the countertop microwave ovens are bigger than you can comfortably handle when you have a smaller kitchen. However, the Panasonic countertop has a relatively compact design and is lighter, thinner, and more efficient.

But that does not mean you get less cooking space. If anything, the microwave toaster has a 13.4-inch turntable and sufficient interior capacity. The aluminum material is durable and easier to clean and maintain.

Panasonic NN-SN651B has a minimum footprint and a 1.2-cubic-foot capacity for all your cooking needs. It can comfortably accommodate dinnertime appetizers, meals, after-school snacks, and breakfast foods.

The touch-button control panel, high-end look, and four-digit display give the microwave a unique and sophisticated appearance. The appliance is such a gem to have in the kitchen regarding cooking functionality and kitchen decor. It becomes the center of attraction.

The microwave has a child safety lock to keep the hands of young ones from nasty burns.


  • It comes with a child lock
  • Relatively compact design
  • Sufficient interior capacity
  • One-touch reheat and cook functionality
  • Child safety lock


  • It is a bit heavy
  • Aluminum is not the best for a microwave

Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven

Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating, Crumb Tray and 1300 Watts of Cooking Power - 4 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven - NB-G110P (Stainless Steel)

Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven boasts faster cooking times than others on the market. The established presets are also quite effective.


The double infrared heating system is quite effective. This translates to faster cooking periods for the chicken drumsticks or other of your favorite food. Of course, there is a learning curve with the timer, but over time, you learn to appreciate the efficiency and speed of the toaster oven.

This model gives you most of the functionality you get from more premium models for a mid-range price. But that is if you can overlook the need to reset the timer if the dish needs more than 25 minutes to cook. It has a 25-minutes timer which is sort of limiting.

This is one model that will not only save you space but money as well.


The microwave has this cute face that adds some attraction to the kitchen. It almost looks like some device from the future. Combined with its functionality, this is a charming device that you cannot resist falling in love with, and it is alright.

The design is more on the side of simplicity, but it is also sturdily built to be of use for longer. The material used is stainless steel which adds some ease of cleaning and overall maintenance.

You will notice the Celsius/Fahrenheit dial has a retro design similar to the old AM/ FM radio tuners. The only shortcoming here is that it uses Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, which means you may need a calculator to convert when cooking from the cookbook.

But if you can overlook the calculations, the appliance has an acceptable temperature range for a wide variety of foods. In particular, the FlashXpress compact oven has a temp range of between 250 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Panasonic microwave oven is particularly ideal for people struggling with counter space in the kitchen. It is among the few genuinely compact and highly functional toaster ovens you will get in the market.

Quick and Easy to Use

FlashXpress has established presets that make it a lot easier and faster to prepare food. The unit has frozen pizza, reheat roll, toast, frozen waffle, frozen hash brown, and quick reheat.

More surprising is its speed, above-average cooking performance, and accuracy with the timing.

The toaster oven comes with an on/ off button that you have to use before you do anything. This might seem like a disadvantage considering that most other rivals only need plug-in and pressing start. However, the button makes it a bit easier to use, well, at least over time.

You just need to make sure you never forget to turn it back off after cooking.


  • Established presets that are quite effective
  • Easier and faster food preparation
  • Compact and highly functional
  • Easy to clean stainless steel surface


  • The toaster oven is too compact
  • The timer does go for more than 25 minutes
  • Calibrated in Celsius

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In with Inverter Technology and Genius Sensor, 2.2 Cubic Foot, 1250W

You’d easily be forgiven for mistaking the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S for another futuristic device because of its aesthetics. But the looks are not the only benefits that come with this device, but functionality as well.

Panasonic invented the inverter technology to take care of some of the shortcomings affecting earlier microwaves. For example, most of the traditional models had uneven heating of the food, which affected the food’s overall quality and taste.

So far, NN-SN966S is one of the brand’s most popular models, and it is not hard to see why. It is one of the most effective and quick.

Sizeable and Easy to Use

The Panasonic microwave packs a large interior to fit a family-sized dish. If your family fancies the easy-to-make dishes or do something creative with heated microwaved leftovers, this is right here is the perfect device. It boasts the right amount of power speed to the satisfaction of everyone.

The touch controls are a great addition, and it parallels most of the modern devices. We are currently in the touch control revolution, and dial pads and buttons are slowly sinking into the abyss of ‘what was’ or ‘used to be.’ But more importantly, this feature makes it easier to use.

Panasonic has easy-to-use controls and an LED display for easier monitoring. Both features play an essential role in its excellent design.


Panasonic is the only microwave manufacturer that has enhanced the technology for cooking and heating food. The inverter technology has several benefits. The first is defrosting or cooking without burning some parts or leaving the middle untouched.

It ensures even and gentle heat distribution to melt butter and improve its penetration. Secondly, cooking times reduce significantly. Panasonic claims that NN-SN966S reduces the cooking times by up to 40%.

Its cooking power is on another level, and it is at least 25% better than other microwave ovens, which adds versatility and speed. But what about temperature control?

Most microwave ovens on the market find it an uphill task to control temperature depending on the food. But it seems the inverter technology does a lot of good in that aspect. Temperature control with NN-SN966S is better than most, which means you get the cooking results you desire.

The turbo defrost speeds up the process not to keep everyone waiting. And if you have some delicious soup that you want to serve the guests, the keep warm feature comes in handy later on. The soup or veggies remain warm and fresh for longer until you are ready to serve.

The microwave’s noise level is not so much, and that means the cooking experience is better. When you talk of a microwave toaster oven that is good value for money, this Panasonic NN-SN966S pretty much fits the description.


  • Effective inverter technology for even cooking
  • Large interior for more cooking space
  • Reduced cooking times
  • Low noise level


  • The cabinet does not have any handles

Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Countertop Microwave Oven

Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Countertop Microwave Oven with Convection, Smart Sensor, Sound On/Off Function and LCD Display, 1.5 Cu.ft, Stainless Steel

A small kitchen area and hardly have the time to cook full dishes. If that sounds familiar to your situation, then you could use a Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Countertop Microwave Oven in your kitchen. But apart from its compact design, there’s so much about this countertop microwave oven.


The countertop microwave comes in a stylish stainless steel finishing to stand out in the kitchen. It has a sleek black stainless steel finishing to make it appear classy and easy to clean. You can easily clean it later after an enjoyable dish.

Other features such as the super bright LCD make it seem like a unique CCTV monitor or electronic. But the aesthetics can only do so much. The stainless steel top keeps rust and scratches at bay. This keeps it looking sleek in the kitchen for longer.

The microwave has 1.5 cubic feet of internal space to accommodate most of your favorite dishes comfortably. The only shortcoming with the microwave is that it is a bit heavy at 44.75 lbs. You could have a bit of trouble moving it when you need to clean under or around it.

It is also worth mentioning that the device comes with a child lock. Sometimes you cannot always keep the curiosity of the young ones in check.


One of the microwave’s most essential features is versatile convection cooking. It is one of the best in its class if we go by the various rave reviews it has. The model has an easy-to-read control panel, ten power settings, and a timer, among others.

The energy-saving eco mode is a new and great addition to the microwave oven. Use the eco mode to save up to 50% of the energy bill. Who doesn’t want a cooking appliance with energy-saving features?

It also comes with an auto-roast menu and auto bake menu for versatility in cooking. It has frozen french fries, biscuit or dinner roll, and muffins for the auto bake menu. On the other hand, the auto roast menu has pork, turkey breasts, beef, and full chicken.

You can experiment with either convection or microwave with various dishes and determine which is most appropriate. We can say that the microwave oven is the kind of cooking appliance that sets your creativity free.

Ease of Use

The Toshiba microwave oven comes with an intelligent sensor to take the hard work out of cooking – something that most of us want. It has 13 auto features that intelligently monitor the humidity of the dish and adjust accordingly. The feature is great for fast cooking.

That means you can finally relax and focus on other things as the food gets ready.

The auto roast and auto bake functions significantly reduce the wait time and work you have to do in the kitchen. There’s also the warm hold function. This keeps the food warm for up to 99 minutes as you wait for everyone to arrive and exchange pleasantries.

But more importantly, this Toshiba microwave oven helps keep the flavor and taste intact through the warm hold feature.


  • Compact microwave oven for small kitchen spaces
  • Versatile convection cooking
  • Attractive and durable stainless steel finishing
  • Scratch and rust-resistant
  • It has an energy-saving mode


  • The microwave oven is heavier than most others

What to Look For While Buying the Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Are you currently looking for a microwave toaster for your kitchen? Well, for most people, buying an electrical appliance is usually as easy as going down to the local brick and mortar departmental store and picking one among the numerous. But it is not always as easy as it seems, especially for appliances such as microwave ovens.

You can go out there and pick a microwave toaster oven air fryer combo just because you came across it, and it looks like something decent.

Well, the hard part is usually to pin down the best appliance based on your needs. So what do you separate the best from the average joes?


Unless it is an under cabinet toaster oven, you will need to determine how much space you have in your kitchen to spare for the microwave toaster. If there isn’t much to spare, then a compact microwave will serve you much better. Pick something that is not going to restrict your movement in the kitchen or cause accidents.

There should also be enough space around the oven to allow the free flow of air. This is necessary for the effective working of the device.

Also, the quantity of food you need to prepare will play a role when choosing the right size. How big is your family or how often do you cook?


In the majority of cases, low-powered microwaves are such a headache to use. Check the wattage and make sure it is between 600 and 1200. Higher wattage microwave ovens have shorter wait times but also have a higher price tag.

If your budget is low, go with a lower voltage model, but remember that it might not be as effective as the higher voltage model.

Brand and Budget

In the world of microwave ovens, certain brands are much better than others. They have a trail of innovation, quality, and customer support, and that is why such brands are leading. You are more likely to end up with a good quality appliance by choosing a well-known brand over a less known one.

But models from popular brands are not often the cheapest. Loosen your purse strings a bit, and you will get good value for money.

Pre-programmed Features

Pre-programmed menus and other features take some work off your hands when cooking. A microwave oven with various pre-programmed features is easy and faster to use and can be the best toaster oven to replace the microwave. The more these programs are, the better.

Make sure the control panel is easy to use for you and the autos satisfy your requirement. Which is your favorite dish, and what do you cook often?

Cleaning and Maintenance

All cooking appliances should be easy to clean and maintain. The grease, flour, and other food pieces can become a health problem if it sticks inside or outside the oven. Besides, no one wants food from a dirty oven.

Safety Features

As a parent or guardian, there’s no way you can fully control children’s curiosity, and it is alright. It is how they learn about their environment. However, some lessons are not better learned through experience.

The child lock feature is a must-have on a microwave oven to prevent avoidable injuries to the young in your midst. Other safety features you can consider are door handles that remain cool at all times. It would not make any sense to cook the most delicious dishes and end up with scalded hands.


How much counter space do you need for the microwave oven combo?

Ideally, you should add at least three inches to the product dimensions on all sides. This will give you a better picture of what to expect in terms of space used by the microwave combo.

Do you need microwave-safe utensils together with the microwave oven combo?

Microwave-safe utensils are okay to use with the microwave oven combo appliance. Some dishes may have a warning against putting them in the convection oven, and you should heed it. Putting it in even against the instruction can harm the device and the utensil.

Should the toaster oven be lightweight?

The toaster oven does not necessarily have to be lightweight. Anything around 30 to 40 lbs is sufficient. Some will go over the 45 lbs mark, and it is alright. What matters most is functionality and quality.

Besides, the microwave shouldn’t be too lightweight unless the materials used are not of the best quality.

Can I use the toaster oven to heat food?

A toaster oven has a gentle heating functionality which makes the food softer and retains the flavor. Cover the food items with foil for the best heating experience.

Is stainless steel the best microwave oven construction material?

Most of the microwave ovens have black stainless steel as the primary material based on several benefits. For starters, it is rust-resistant and easy to clean. Stainless steel has an aesthetic appeal that fits right in with the kitchen decor.

Aluminum is also another common material, and it has its benefits. It is lightweight, strong, and easy to clean.

Wrapping Up

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven is the best microwave toaster oven combo. It boasts a wide variety of features such as nine cooking functions to make your tasks in the kitchen a lot easier. The best part is that you don’t have to wait too long for your food.

Breville cuts the cooking time by up to 30%. If you need it, there’s also the slow cooking option for those favorite meat dishes to satisfy your craving.

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